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of venues


                                   hoose from one of our many versatile and elegant venues here at Western
                          University  or,  if  you prefer,  we’ll  come to  yours. No  matter  which  location,  we  look
                          forward to creating a magical and memorable celebration experience for both
                          you and your guests.

                          The Great Hall, the largest of our dining facilities on campus, is an elegant, formal,
                          and  licensed  ballroom  that  can  accommodate  anywhere  from  100  to  430  of  your
                          special guests. Its unique decor creates the perfect ambiance for any style reception or
                          celebration. And yes...there’s plenty of space for dancing!

                          Green Leaf Café provides a cozy, intimate setting for gatherings of up to 60 guests.
                          Always  maintaining  a  dignified  yet  welcoming  ambiance,  this  location  is  perfect  for
                          stand-up receptions or small dinner parties.

                          The Garden, equipped with a large projection screen, is the ideal location for any event
                          of up to 70 guests. With a bright and cheery atmosphere and large striking chandeliers, this
                          location complements almost any type of function.

                          All these venues on campus are available year-round, with ample parking available.

                          Additionally, we are proud to be one of the preferred caterers for some of the best City
                          of London venues such as Civic Garden Complex, Springbank Gardens, Watson Porter
                          Pavilion, and Fanshawe Park.

                          Have  another  location  in  mind?  Contact  us  and  tell  a  little  about  your  plans  for  your
                          preferred venue. We would be happy to arrange a site visit.

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