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                                                     antipasto platter
                  marinated seasonal vegetables, olives, artichokes, assorted flatbreads & focaccia
                                                      $6.25 per guest

                                                      cheese platter
                        chef selected cheeses, Great Hall Catering honey, dried fruit, nuts, crisps
                                                      $7.25 per guest

                                                  artisanal cheese platter
              selection of artisanal cheeses, Great Hall Catering honey, dried fruits, nuts & assorted crisps
                                                      $8.50 per guest

                                                    charcuterie board
                     assorted house-made & local charcuterie, mustards & pickles, crisps & breads
                                                      $8.50 per guest

                                         garden vegetable crudités & dip platter
                            selection of seasonal vegetables with a house-made creamy dip
                                                        $4 per guest

                                                    smoked fish platter
         trio of smoked fish, salmon, trout & mackerel, capers, lemon, crème fraiche, red onion & bagel crisps
                                                      $7.25 per guest

                                                    iced shrimp platter
                                    marie-rose sauce, cocktail sauce & tarragon aioli
                                                      $6.75 per guest

                                               sharp cheddar & ale fondue
          warmed soft pretzels, baby sour pickles, German sausages, assorted breads, cauliflower & broccoli
                                                      $9.50 per guest

                                      Korean pulled pork bao buns, kimchi & sauces
                                                      $9.50 per guest

                               baked brie in puff pastry, apricot preserves, assorted crisps
                                             $5.25 (minimum order 30 guests)

                                pita & flat breads, hummus, tzatziki & roasted red pepper
                                                      $4.50 per guest

                        catalan flatbread, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, manchego
                                            $4.25 per guest (minimum 5 guests)

                                                 assorted French pastries
                                                      $3.75 per guest

                    For menu customization & or dietary concerns, please speak with a Great Hall Catering Service coordinator.
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