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                                            Great Hall Catering mulligatawny
                                              creamed parsnip & bosc pear
                                     roasted cauliflower and sharp cheddar, chives
                                 roasted red pepper and smoked tomato soup, basil oil
                                         maple & butternut squash, sage cream
                                             forest mushroom, snipped chives
                 puree of leek and potato soup, clipped chives cream of cauliflower & sharp cheddar

                                                    Asian noodle salad
                                              Caesar salad (bacon optional)
                                           market greens, seasonal vegetables
         chopped kale, julienned vegetables, roasted sweet potato, cranberries, walnuts & apple vinaigrette
                        farrow, chick pea, & red onion salad with parsley, mint & lemon dressing
                    zucchini, snap pea and carrot salad with ginger & miso dressing, black sesame
           broccoli and cauliflower salad, sultanas, sunflower seeds, green onions, smoked bacon dressing

                                 VEGETARIAN ENTRÉE OPTIONS:

                                                     pasta primavera

                                         spicy tofu cakes with lemongrass sauce
                               sweet potato corn cakes with homemade red pepper aioli

                                       stuffed portobello with zucchini & mushroom

                                                     herb baked tofu
                                            chef selected seasonal vegetables

                        vegetarian entrée as a separate chaffered item $4 per guest, additional
                            pre-determined individually plated option included in menu price

                    For menu customization & or dietary concerns, please speak with a Great Hall Catering Service coordinator.
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