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                                        BUFFET LUNCH OPTION ONE

               Choice of 1 soup or salad (see option 2 for full list of choices):

                                             Choice of 1 entrée:
                    stir fry - chicken, beef or vegetarian, with basmati rice

                         Moroccan chicken, lemon & olives, saffron rice
                                       vegetarian or meat lasagna

slow cooked chorizo, roasted red pepper, potato stew, smoked paprika & olive oil

                                     sliced fresh fruit & berry platter
                     chef selected squares & Great Hall Catering cookies


                                        BUFFET LUNCH OPTION TWO

                                       Choice of 1 soup (optional):
                                     smoked tomato, chevre cream
                                    maple & butternut squash, sage

                                                 corn chowder
                                    forest mushroom, snipped chives

                                     creamed parsnip & bosc pear
                                   Great Hall Catering mulligatawny

                                             leek & potato Soup
                               cream of cauliflower & sharp cheddar

                      Choice of 3 or 4 salads (3 plus a soup or 4 without):
                                 market greens, seasonal vegetables

                              German potato salad (bacon optional)
                                             Asian noodle salad

                                     Caesar salad (bacon optional)
                                    raw marinated vegetable salad
                               kale, fresh chevre, cranberry & almond
                       marinated bean & corn salad, chili & lime dressing
                                   broccoli, bacon & cheddar salad

                                          Choice of 2 hot entrees:
                                       grilled salmon, maple glaze
                seared trout, brown butter, raisins, capers & toasted almond
                        roasted chicken breast, forest mushroom ragout
                      roasted chicken breast, creamed corn, chili & lime
                        braised boneless beef short rib, braise reduction
                                   smoked beef striploin, chimi churri
              slow roasted pork loin, dijon & Great Hall Catering honey glaze

                        entrées served with seasonal glazed vegetables

   For menu customization & or dietary concerns, please speak with a Great Hall Catering Service coordinator.
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